Back Row: Jack Stern, Ronald Arca, Scott Cole, Eric Lee, Guillermo Gomez, David DeMarco, Kenny Kuek

Front Row: Bob Meteye, Peter Charos

Bob in front of Tian'anmen Gate Tower

Bob at The Temple of Heaven

Scott & Bob with China's Tai Chi Champion

Sifu Eric Lee at the Jade Factory

Bob at The Great Wall

Sifu Eric and Kenny

The group plus Mark Gerry at The Great Wall

The group with 3 Tai Chi Masters for morning lessons at the hotel.

Peter, Bob, Dan, Mark, and David at the Movie Studios in costume.

Sifu Eric showing how wires are used to perform stunts.

Kids practicing at the Shaolin Ta Gou School in the Songshan Mountains near the Shaolin Temple.

Sifu Eric in The Forest of the Pagodas. These are the tombs of over 232 celebrated Shaolin Monks.

The group in front of the Shaolin Temple.

With Master Martial Monk Yan Zhuang.

Bob with a young student.

Learning Nan Chuan Form from our coach.

Scott and Coach practicing.

Bob with some of the workers at the Shaolin Restaurant.

Bob and Peter having fun in Shanghai.

Shanghai's skyline at night.

Bob, Jack, and Peter getting a foot massage.

Guillermo having fun at the airport.